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Business Systems

​Systems Engineering

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Third-Party Independent Testing

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

User Acceptance Testing

Post Implementation Support

Encyde conducts requirements gathering and creates resulting documentation and process diagrams which are analyzed to improve efficiencies.  Encyde has provided Six Sigma Black Belt support for some of the world's most complex systems.  Encyde utilizes requirements traceability to ensure that there is accountability for each requirement in the final product and test cases.

Encyde plans and conducts testing and evaluation based on a proprietary methodology to provide the highest confidence in testing of any type of system that relies upon the operation of an end user- not just Information Technology (IT) systems.  Encyde's proprietary algorithms use mathematical analysis based on a design of experiments to streamline multitudes of independent variables into the most statistically significant pair-wise interactions, such that meaningful, unbiased statistically significant conclusions may be drawn regarding the factors and conditions that affect the behavior of systems.  Encyde’s unbiased assessments determine whether clients have a functional system that meets the user’s requirements before the system is completed- saving clients money on costly corrective work, the risk of alienating the users, or embarrassing negative publicity.

Post implementation services include functional and technical application support involving resolving service desk tickets, developing new functionality and enhancements, supporting system upgrades, updating documentation, creating knowledge base articles, and educating users.

Encyde has formed strategic partnerships and alliances to provide expertise in SAP® systems.

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